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  • Clean the grater with salad oil. On your vegetable grill, add some olive oil, nuts or other salad oil on the serrated edges. This will provide a good oiled surface that will not interfere with the grating action, but will ensure that the subsequent cleaning work is easy to complete.


  • The quality of the grater is the same as the knives. As the use will reduce the sharpness of the cutting edge, all the above graters are nominally ready to be washed and washed, but the professional recommends that it is better to wash the grater by hand.


  • If your home's grater has been in use for several years, then you may want to consider buying a new one, no matter what kind of grater, thick and fine or grind hole grazing tool after years of use, like Like the knives, they will be blunt and no longer sharp, and the grater can not grind the edge.


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