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Kitchen weapon – the best grater selection

If your home's grater has been in use for several years, then you may want to consider buying a new one, no matter what kind of grater, thick and fine or grind hole grazing tool after years of use, like Like the knives, they will be blunt and no longer sharp, and the grater can not grind the edge. The passivated grater can also be used, but it is maddening.

There are three types of common grater designs:
a) Box shape: The most common design of multi-function grater, which is basically an open barrel shape of four-sided or six-sided steel. The advantage of this design is that the grater can have a variety of holes, each side One is very convenient to use.
b) Flat type: This type of design is the lightest. It can be conveniently placed in a bowl or in a bowl to catch the vegetable silk. You can use it vertically or tilt it at 45 degrees. The defect is that One type of grater can only provide one kind of aperture to obtain the result of a kind of rubbing, so it is necessary to combine different flat graters into one set.
c) Scythe: This is modeled after the development of woodworking tools. This style of hand-held grater is generally very long, and the thin one is used to make a relatively small amount of powdered food powder. Such as hard cheese, ginger powder and so on.
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